A Responce to ‘Cringe Culture’

Let’s face it, people love to hate a Mary Sue. As a creative and an internet gremlin, I am no stranger to ‘cringe content’. Whether you are talking about the neon-rainbow eye soar of an original character, or the obvious self insert. Videos critiquing this subcategory of art are published by the dozen. People just […]

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Sometimes we are not in ¬†control of our own destinies. This was made apparent to me as the New Year came and went. Where previously I had goals to graduate with my peers and move on, pursuing a degree in Vancouver, Canada. On one fated afternoon, the cozy classrooms of Propel lay nearly silenced. I […]

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The Kiss – Gustav Klimt

If I had to choose a painting to live it, this is it. This painting gives off an air of ‘us against the world’ with the two lovers posed kneeling on the edge of what one may presume as a cliff, others say it is a lake. The sky is a dull blur when compared […]

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Danger zone

Even though this was not a last minute arrangement, it does not change the stress that I feel in this moment. Knowing for months that I would be leaving for Europe on the 15th of December, leaving me with less time to work on my project than I hoped. Of course there are things that […]

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Chasing time

Something that I have been meaning to write about is how proud I am. If you were to have met me before this program began, you would have been faced with someone far different. The Propel program has given me something to strive for other than some certificate with a name on it. I cannot […]

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Change of heart

For the first time this semester, I’ve hit a writing road block. Usually I begin typing and can finish a rather nice blog post within the same hour, while this time I have deleted over half of my progress just to start anew. While I feel my blog post this time around was disorganized, I […]

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Glass half-full

The last time I cried, I was on a plane. I didn’t cry out of pain, ¬†or sadness, or any other negative emotion that you relate with tears. I was confused, in all honesty. Though if I were to take a guess, I would say that it was out of happiness. Let me paint you […]

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